Interviewed by Channel 8 News on Weight Loss

Physician Gabriel Chan was interviewed by Channel 8 News on why people tend to put on weight during festive seasons. He further explained what how TCM can help with such issues.

Recovered from Knee Pain
- Fr Francis (Priest)

Fr Francis was experiencing knee pain in his mid 30s as he was very active and sporty in his early years.

Watch this video to understand how he returned to his active lifestyle with the assistance of Oak Health Chinese Medicine.

Fr Francis - Knee Pain
Recovered from Slipped Disc
- Linda (Child Care Teacher)

Linda was suffering from herniated disc which has caused her numbness, pain, and tingling that radiates down the arm and to her fingers. Watch this video to find out how Oak Health helped her to recover from this without her having to go through surgery.

"Doctor Chan is a gentle and nice person. He is very professional and shows great patience in explaining everything to you. Great experience, highly knowledgeable and very friendly. 

The cupping and tuina is very effective in helping me with my shoulder and back ache due to long hours of bad sitting posture in office."

Back and Shoulder Pain
Elton. L (NTU Researcher)

My knees were hurting for many years and I had difficulty standing or walking for too long. This has resulted in me having to take taxi to work every morning.

I did a check with the hospital and they suggested a knee replacement surgery due to the extensive wear and tear of cartilage at the knee area. I was hesitant and a friend recommended me TCM Physician Gabriel Chan. He advised that acupuncture and Chinese Medication would help.

After 3 sessions of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the pain was significantly reduced. I persevered with the treatments and after about 2 months, I no longer feel any pain in either knees. I attempted to take the public transport to work and it is something I could work with now.

I would highly recommend Physician Gabriel Chan to my friends who have knee conditions."

Knee Pain
Nelly. L (Banker)
83 East Coast Road Singapore 428786

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